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Green Power

Now there is a choice in Northeastern New Mexico. You can choose pollution-free, renewable wind generated electricity. Wind power is available through Springer Electric Cooperative in 100 kilowatt "blocks" right now.

Today over 85% of New Mexico's electricity is generated by burning coal. Fossil fuel generated electricity is a contributor to air and water pollution. Now we have the opportunity to buy clean, renewable wind power. Buying wind power is a great way to demonstrate support for clean, renewable energy sources.

It's easy to do

You can purchase wind power for your home or business by paying slightly more on your monthly electric bill. Currently, wind generated electricity costs more than traditional fossil fuel generated electricity. But, by paying a bit more and buying wind power now, you help build the demand for clean, renewable energy. The concept of paying more for clean power is called "green pricing." Green pricing programs are available around the country; they provide an opportunity to accelerate this important transition to clean and renewable energy sources. As more people choose wind power, more wind farms will be built and the costs will come down.

Signing Up Is Simple

The cost of each 100 kilowatt-hour block is $1.25 per month, which is billed in addition to your regular energy charge on your monthly statement. Customers must make a one-year commitment. To sign up, download the form  and send it back to us. For more information, please contact us.

Buying Wind Power Makes a Difference

Wind power helps build a sustainable energy future and a healthier environment. Wind power is pollution-free, produces no smog or acid rain and does not contribute to global warming.

Buying one 100 kwh block of wind power each month for a year has the same environmental benefit as not driving a car for 2,400 miles or planting one-half acre of trees. Think about it: For the price of a video rental, you can make a significant reduction in the environmental impact of your electricity use. Buying wind power is one of the best things you can do to help the environment.


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