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February 11, 2016    

Springer Electric Cooperative, Inc.
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Wagon Mound, New Mexico

The village that is now Wagon Mound was first settled in the early 1860s by pobladores (settlers) trekking across the Sangre De Cristo Mountains from the West. These sojourners were seeking lands to settle and a place to raise their families. Santa Fe Trail pioneers in the 1860s were also on the move, coming from the war torn eastern United States and looking for a new beginning in the West. After crossing the Raton Pass, the settlers observed in the distance a giant volcanic rock which resembled a Conestoga wagon. As they approached the rock they noticed the lush green grass and abundant water supply in the area. They adopted the name Wagon Mound for the region which became a rest stop for travelers along the Santa Fe Trail. Today, Wagon Mound is known as the greatest of the many landmarks on the Santa Fe Trail.

Points of Interest: Historic Downtown district, Santa Fe Trail, Wagon Mound Hill, Wagon Mound Waterfowl Refuge.

Businesses: LJM Travel Center (Chevron), Wagon Mound Service Center (Phillips 66), Bank of New Mexico, Levi's Cafe, Santa Clara Cafe, Leroy's Grocery, Wagon Mound Ranch Supply, La Jicarita Telephone Cooperative, Francis Family Toys, Wagon Mound Construction, Craftmasters of New Mexico, AC Construction.

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